Jamie’s Notebook offers writing services in four key categories:

  • News Writing: interviewing, gathering information and writing effective and accurate articles for news organizations including newspapers, online publications and magazines.
  • Copy Writing-creating copy for a wide variety of uses including websites, brochures, biographies, proposals…and much more!
  • Public Relations Writing-writing press releases that will capture attention and provide an appropriate news angle for a variety of local news agencies including print, online and broadcast media.
  • Social Media Content Writing-creating social media profiles for clients including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn then coaching clients how to best leverage these social media sites for their business or organization. Jamie also offers corporate blogging services to help businesses establish themselves as an industry leader, reach their target audience and improve their search engine optimization.

How does writing words give a voice?

Business and organizations need to share their story on their website, on social media and through written publications.

Jamie’s business writing services include:

  • Crafting website copy that attracts the attention of potential customers and the search engines
  • Writing content for social media profiles that allow clients to engage new and existing clients
  • Researching and writing blog entries that are optimized for search engines, establish the company or organization as an industry thought leader, and provides valuable information to stakeholders
  • Developing written copy for many business development projects including information for RFPs and print marketing materials such as brochures and rack cards.

When businesses and organizations can share their story online or in print, it gives them a voice.

As a news reporter, Jamie provides fair and accurate coverage of issues that affect the people of Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. Her news stories tell important details about issues that affect everyday lives and help people make better decisions by keeping them informed. Jamie is a reporter for The City Wire but is available for feature writing for magazines and other non-competing publications. 

Better-informed decisions give readers a voice.

As a media relations writer, Jamie uses her knowledge of news and reporting to write press releases for businesses, organizations and event planners. Her ability to develop a strong news angle that interests news editors for broadcast news, print news and online news publications makes her press releases more likely to be used.

A media liaison who writes press releases that become news coverage gives those businesses and non-profit organizations a voice with the news media.